With over a century-long heritage of scientific rigour, our team of multi-disciplinary experts provide a wide range of sustainability training programs, including BREEAM and Passive House.

We use our extensive track record of sustainability research, standards development and innovation to enable forward-thinking individuals and organisations to address sustainability goals. Our training aims to boost green skills in the construction, infrastructure, real estate, manufacturing and public industries.

Our science-led courses cover defining challenges in the built environment, including net zero, decarbonisation, climate change, energy efficiency, health and well-being, and resilience.

As a profit-for-purpose, any profits from BRE’s work go to the BRE Trust, which invests in research projects for the public benefit, contributing to a safer and greener built environment.

Net Zero Carbon Foundations

The starting point for your sustainability learning journey, this online course introduces climate change, the drivers for achieving net zero carbon, what this means, and how organisations can apply it in practice.

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BREEAM for commercial and residential assets

BREEAM is the world’s leading science-based suite of validation and certification systems for a sustainable built environment providing solutions in ESG, net zero carbon, health and social impact, circularity and resilience and whole life performance.

Millions of assets all over the world are registered with BREEAM and demand is soaring. Our BREEAM training will help you become the driving force of sustainability and positive change.

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BREEAM Infrastructure Foundations

This course introduces you to BREEAM Infrastructure (formerly CEEQUAL), the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and public realm works.

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BREEAM Infrastructure (formerly CEEQUAL)

BREEAM Infrastructure is the world’s first sustainability rating scheme for improving the design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure assets.

BREEAM Infrastructure Projects Assessor training qualifies learners as BREEAM Infrastructure Assessors, enabling them to influence and assess sustainability across civil engineering projects.

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BREEAM Infrastructure Term Contracts is for the assessment of civil engineering and public works that are undertaken through contracts covering work in a geographical or operational area over a number of years, multiple works orders for the individual jobs.

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Passive House Designer

Passive House is the internationally recognised, performance-based energy standard in construction. With an emphasis on practical implementation, our training is tailored to architects and design professionals looking to become certified Passive House designers and drive positive change in the built environment.

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About BRE Academy

The BRE Academy is the leading training provider for the built environment. Most courses are developed by BRE – a science research hub with 100 years of experience in safety and sustainability. As a profit-for-purpose, all fees go towards further research to make the built environment safer and greener and to mitigate climate change.


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CPD hours are awarded upon successful completion of BRE Academy training courses.

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