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BREEAM Infrastructure is the world’s first sustainability rating scheme to improve design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure assets. Alongside assessing performance, BREEAM Infrastructure encourages project or contract teams to consider sustainability issues as they develop, design and construct their work.

BREEAM Infrastructure assessments are undertaken by a trained and registered BREEAM Infrastructure Assessor, who is normally part of the project or contract team. To undertake an assessment, all projects or contract teams must have a trained Assessor.

This training course has been designed so that everyone who completes it successfully will be able to undertake a BREEAM Infrastructure Term Contract assessment.

After completing the course learners will be able to

  • Drive sustainability into every infrastructure contract.
  • Take contracts towards greener and more resilient future.
  • Navigate and be confident in assessing the technical aspects of the BREEAM Infrastructure Term Contracts scheme.
  • Understand the assessment process and the support in place for the scheme and assessors.
  • Understand the certification process.
  • Successfully carry out BREEAM Infrastructure Term Contracts assessments.

At a glance

2 days

Knowledge of civil engineering, public realm works, or environmental and sustainability issues is beneficial, but not required.

We advise individuals and organisations with strong sustainability credentials and passion for climate crisis in the civil engineering sector to undertake this course so collectively we move closer to a greener more resilient future.

Learners may include both those who are applying for a BREEAM Infrastructure Term Contracts assessment and those with a general interest. This might include:

  • Individuals or teams require to deliver a BREEAM Infrastructure Term Contracts assessment.
  • Organisations that wish to use BREEAM Infrastructure Term Contracts.
  • Learners with a general interest in improving civil engineering or public works performance.

The course covers the following content:

  • Background to BREEAM Infrastructure and why it has been developed.
  • The Term Contracts scheme and assessment process.
  • Use of the appropriate BREEAM Infrastructure technical manual, including basic skills required and the Assessor’s role.
  • The environmental and social issues covered by the scheme.
  • Study of each category of the assessment including the nature of the questions, reasons for their inclusion and scoping-out advice.
  • The Term Contracts scoping, assessment and verification process.

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