BRE Academy is committed to providing access to training and examinations for all in line with current UK legislation and EU directives.  We also provide training in the USA and have a specific BRE Academy Candidates with Disabilities policy for the USA.

Candidates with disabilities will be offered the same training and examination as other candidates and no concessions will be made regarding the assessment criteria used. BRE Academy will ensure that all candidates requesting to undertake a qualification will be provided, wherever possible, with the means to do so, by implementing reasonable adjustments as required. Reasonable adjustments may include:

  • Ensuring access to training and examination venues
  • Providing extra time allowance
  • Providing larger print and/or coloured paper
  • Ensuring that candidates with hearing and/or sight impairments are seated appropriately to facilitate access to presentation content and instructions.

Candidates should inform BRE Academy of any disabilities and access requirements on the booking form and must give permission for their individual needs to be disclosed to the course trainer, invigilator and examiner. Candidates will be required to provide recent medical documentation of their disability along with recommendations for reasonable adjustments that may be necessary. Each case will be considered individually by the Training Manager.