From architecture to civil engineering and environmental design, integrating industry training into university or college programs helps equip graduates for professional success.

Meet industry demands

At BRE Academy, we deliver science-based courses that address defining challenges in the built environment, including sustainability, climate change, net zero carbon, fire safety, information management, and indoor environmental quality.

Our professional training courses can be easily embedded into built environment programs to ensure they remain relevant and responsive to industry needs.

• Industry knowledge: address skill gaps for current and emerging built environment careers.

• Professional development: enable graduates to be industry ready and prepare them for success.

• Forward thinking: help graduates navigate an ever-evolving built environment, with sustainability at the forefront.

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Drive sustainability in the built environment

BRE’s purpose is to contribute to a thriving and sustainable world by developing science-led solutions to built environment challenges.

Our multi-disciplinary experts generate new knowledge through independent research which BRE Academy uses to create the training courses that make sure that buildings, homes, and communities are safe, efficient, productive, sustainable, and enjoyable places to be.

BRE is a profit-for-purpose organisation. Any profits from BRE’s work go to the BRE Trust, which invests in research projects for public benefit, or in upgrading our research facilities at the BRE Science Park.

Working with us

We work closely with universities and colleges to understand their objectives and provide tailored industry training solutions that prepare graduates for successful careers in their chosen industries.

Our enterprise agreements give you access to a BRE Academy training dashboard, which enables you to easily register delegates, observe their progress, and train at scale. Once enrolled, students can access courses for up to a year from enrolment.

Get in touch with our team to discuss your training needs and learn more about our preferential rates for universities and colleges.

Online, flexible training

Our flexible approach ensures that students can access our training solutions with ease and learn at their own pace, from any location, at any time.

Our online, self-paced courses are structured into manageable modules, seamlessly integrating with wider learning objectives.

We provide industry-recognised evidence of learning, issuing a certificate of completion to each delegate along with Continuous Professional Development (CPD) hours.

Explore all our courses

Our training courses span a whole range of subjects, drawing upon BRE’s built environment expertise.

Collaborate closely with us to address skill gaps and embed industry-relevant training into your university or college programs.

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BREEAM training

We provide BREEAM training, including awareness courses.  BREEAM is our world-leading sustainability assessment method, which has certified the sustainability of over 1 million buildings globally.

BREEAM Infrastructure training

BREEAM Infrastructure provides a comprehensive evaluation of a project’s environmental, social, and economic impacts, and helps organisations make informed decisions about the sustainability of their infrastructure investments.

Sustainability training

We use our extensive track record of research and innovation to address sustainability challenges and goals. Our training aims to increase green skills in the construction, infrastructure, real estate, manufacturing, and public industries.

Information management training

Our information management training equips learners with the knowledge to  implement and manage the ISO 19650 series of standards.

Fire and safety training

Grounded in best practices, our fire and safety courses address one of the most crucial elements in the design, construction, and maintenance of the built environment.

IEQ training

With growing concerns over the impact of poor indoor environments, improving indoor environmental quality is a priority for the industry.

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