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CEEQUAL is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping, and public realm works.

This training course provides learners with an introduction to the fundamentals of CEEQUAL. It covers the basics of CEEQUAL, including what it is, who uses it, why they use it and what it covers. You’ll also gain an understanding of how CEEQUAL works and the tools and resources that support it, providing a grounding for those who wish to go on to work with CEEQUAL.

After completing the course learners will be able to

This course equips with the essential knowledge to begin developing a sustainable built environment with CEEQUAL. It also prepares learners who are new to CEEQUAL to take the next step in their CEEQUAL journey.

At a Glance

2 hours online

This course is designed for anyone who is interested in gaining an essential introductory understanding of CEEQUAL. For those seeking to qualify as a CEEQUAL assessor, this course forms the first step in the learning journey.

Learning Outcomes

Successfully passing this course enables learners to:

  • Understand what CEEQUAL is and what value it provides in developing sustainable built environments.
  • Know who uses CEEQUAL and why.
  • Understand the different roles in a CEEQUAL assessment.
  • Understand how CEEQUAL works and how it can be used to develop and achieve sustainability goals.

This course consists of approximately 2 hours of online learning. It covers the following topics:

  • Introducing CEEQUAL
  • Why CEEQUAL?
  • What CEEQUAL covers
  • Who champions CEEQUAL?
  • How CEEQUAL works
  • Quality assurance

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£165.00 + VAT
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Book CEEQUAL Foundations now - simply fill out your details:

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