BRE and the DHF (Door & Hardware Federation)  have developed this comprehensive and practical one-day training course that provides important details that must be addressed when installing, repairing and maintaining fire doors.

The importance of good fire door installation cannot be overemphasised.  Poor installation can mean that an otherwise well-manufactured door fails to provide the required performance in the event of a fire.  The installation of a door-set is as much a part of the fire resistance test as the door-set itself.  Therefore, any alterations to the method of installation must be covered by a test report, an assessment report or an extended field of application report.

Repair and maintenance of a life-safety device such as a fire door is imperative.  Generally, after handover, this responsibility passes to the building owner.  Ongoing maintenance should be considered a preventive measure to ensure that the door-set operates correctly at all times.  Where problems are identified, it is extremely important that a system is in place to ensure that timely corrective action takes place, so that failure of the door-set is prevented.  It is strongly recommended that a scheduled programme is implemented, and that any maintenance identified is carried out promptly.

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Classroom: 1 day/ 6 hours
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You’re expected to already have an understanding of, and be skilled in, the installation of fenestration products

This training course is aimed at experienced individuals who are involved with installing and maintaining timber and/or metal doors.  Delegates are expected to already have an understanding of and be skilled in the installation of fenestration products and now wish to gain additional knowledge relating specifically to fire/smoke resistant doors.

This training course is recognised by DHF and can be used as Continuous Professional Development (CPD) evidence when applying for a CSCS card* when using the DHF Partner Scheme.  Apply for a CSCS card.

*Criteria and evidence vary depending on the card type applied for.  See website for details.


  • The fundamentals of fire doors
  • Regulations, testing and evidence of performance
  • Timber fire doors
  • The design and construction of timber fire doors
  • Performance characteristics of timber fire doors
  • Installation of timber fire doors
    Repair & maintenance of timber fire doors

Summary of learning: As part of our flexible training approach, we deliver an engaging Q&A session at the end of a virtual or in-person classroom course. This “Summary of Learning” not only reinforces practical application and knowledge consolidation but also opens a valuable avenue for you to interact further with our industry experts, explore meaningful real-life examples, and pose additional questions.

At the end of this course you will have:

  • An understanding of the regulations and standards applying to fire doors
  • Knowledge of the different types of fire doors and their installation, repair and maintenance
  • An appreciation of the importance of critical components such as door closers and hinges
  • An understanding of how to set up hinged doors to comply with disabled access requirements
  • An understanding of the importance of regular repair and maintenance schedules

Please Note: This course is for raising awareness only and does not lead to any third-party certification scheme.

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