Inspection of fire doors is vital to ensure their robustness and integrity is achieved and maintained. A thorough inspection is required to verify that the door and its hardware have been installed correctly and meets the proper standard of protection.

Fire door inspectors need to have a full and comprehensive understanding of their role, and a good appreciation of the current standards.

The training is delivered in modules and covers fire door regulations, fire door testing requirements and evidence of fire door performance.

The course addresses the importance of different types of fire doors and their installation, and an appreciation of the importance of components including door closers, hinges and door hardware.

After successfully completing this course, you’ll be able to

  • Understand the regulations and standards applying to fire doors
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of the different types of fire doors
  • Appreciate the importance of critical components such as door closers and hinges
  • Clearly understand the inspection procedure and pass/fail criteria
  • Understand the advice to give the building owner/client in case of inspection failure

Please note that the online version of the course does not include trainer interaction. The course is available to complete for 12 months from purchase.

Our multi-disciplinary experts can deliver our training virtually, in-person, or at your preferred location.

Please note the completion of a training course alone cannot be evidence of competency, and BRE can only confirm if an individual has attended training and the content of that course. However, completion of courses may be cited alongside other factors such as experience and observations. We regularly review and update our training courses to ensure they reflect the latest changes and updates in building regulations and best practices. Regular re-training supports learning and contributes to ongoing professional development.

At a glance

Classroom: 1 day, Online: 6 hours
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This training course is aimed at anyone who will undertake fire door inspections including building control officers, safety inspectors, insurers, fire risk assessors, fire professionals and facilities managers.

If you are planning to do the Level 3 Award in Fire Door Inspection, you do not need to complete this course first as the training material is the same.

This is a comprehensive course that can be taken online or in the classroom, either face-to-face or virtually.


  • The functions of fire doors
  • Regulations
  • Fire safety duties of owners and occupiers
  • Fire tests
  • Evidence of performance
    Timber fire doors, steel fire doors, glazed steel fire screens and roller shutter doors
  • Glazing, seals, structure and surrounding construction
  • Installation, repair, maintenance, inspection, pass/fail guidance

Summary of learning: As part of our flexible training approach, we deliver a Q&A session at the end of a virtual or in-person classroom course. This “Summary of Learning” reinforces knowledge consolidation and gives you the opportunity to interact further with our industry experts and ask additional questions.

Please Note: This course does make reference to repair and maintenance but does not cover installation.

Where possible, this course will feature practical examples (location permitting).

This course is for raising awareness only and does not lead to any third-party certification schemes.  If you wish to study for a formal qualification in Fire Door Inspection, please see our Level 3 Award in Fire Door Inspection,  awarded by ABBE (the Awarding Body for the Built Environment).

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