BREEAM is the world’s leading science-based suite of validation and certification systems for a sustainable built environment. Millions of buildings across the world are registered to work towards BREEAM’s holistic approach to achieve ESG, health, and net-zero goals.

BREEAM in Practice provides a comprehensive overview of BREEAM, exploring its principles, scope, assessment, and quality assurance processes.

This online, self-paced course goes beyond the fundamentals to offer key insights into how BREEAM schemes operate at each stage of the building lifecycle.

A successor to the BREEAM Associate course, BREEAM in Practice equips learners with the awareness and knowledge to drive sustainability in the built environment and support the successful application of BREEAM.

After completing this course, learners will be able to:

  • Understand the role of BREEAM in creating a more sustainable built environment.
  • Understand key terminology, concepts and principles that underpin all BREEAM assessments.
  • Understand the key BREEAM professional roles and how they interact with other project team members.
  • Understand the importance and robustness of third-party certification.
  • Understand the quality assurance process, and how it maintains the credibility of BREEAM.
  • Understand how all the above are applied at key asset lifecycle stages: New Construction, Refurbishment and Fit-Out, and In-Use.

At a glance

4 hours
4 hours

With no pre-requisites, BREEAM in Practice is designed for a diverse audience seeking a more comprehensive understanding of BREEAM. This may include:

Decision makers: The course is suitable for anyone who wishes to gain a working knowledge of the key principles of BREEAM. Taking this course can help decision makers with understanding where and when to specify BREEAM, the broad scope of the assessment for realistic targets and outcomes, and which BREEAM Professionals to appoint.

Project teams: this course is suited to all members of projects teams, including design, construction, and asset management teams working alongside BREEAM Professionals.

Unit 1: this is a general introduction to BREEAM, covering the key concepts, principles, roles, and processes that apply to all BREEAM schemes.

  • Why BREEAM?
  • Scope of BREEAM.
  • Who champions BREEAM?
  • How BREEAM works.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Tools and resources.

Unit 2: the second unit of this course looks at how BREEAM’s universal concepts are applied and adapted to key asset lifecycle stages.

  • Design and construction (BREEAM New Construction and Refurbishment and Fit-Out)
  • In use (BREEAM In-Use).
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