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BREEAM Communities is the environmental sustainability assessment for neighbourhood-scale developments. It enables planners, developers and design teams to deliver and certify sustainability in neighbourhood-scale projects by developing and verifying the sustainability framework at the planning and design stages.

This training course enables you to understand the BREEAM Communities scheme in terms of technical content and application, equipping you with the skills and confidence to carry out BREEAM assessments on community projects.

After completing the course learners will be able to

  • Understand the international, national and local context for sustainable communities.
  • Understand and be confident in assessing the technical aspects of the BREEAM Communities scheme.
  • Understand the assessment process and support structures in place for the scheme and assessors.
  • Know when to use BREEAM Communities.
  • Meet sustainability and planning objectives with BREEAM Communities.
  • Understand the link between BREEAM Communities and building level assessment.
  • Understand BREEAM Communities’ technical aspects including timescales, phasing, assessment and scoring.

Successful completion of this course and examinations entitles you to apply to become a licensed BREEAM Assessor under the BREEAM Communities scheme.

At a glance

2 days

There are no pre-requisites to this course. As a comprehensive introduction to BREEAM Communities, it is particularly suited to:

  • Planning officers.
  • Consultants and developers   seeking to understand/use the scheme.
  • Those involved in delivering neighbourhood-scale developments and masterplans.

Both modules are required for those pursuing BREEAM Communities Assessor status. To become a licensed assessor, you must hold professional indemnity insurance.

This course comprises of approximately 30 hours of own-pace online training material introducing you to the BREEAM Communities scheme. This is followed by classroom/ virtual event focusing on technical aspects of the scheme.

Online course material:

  • Resources: Technical Manuals, Guidance Notes, and Exercise Workbook with associated Evidence material
  • Introduction to BREEAM
  • BREEAM communities information
  • Technical issues (Governance, Social & Economic Wellbeing, Transport & Movement, Land use & Ecology, Resources & Energy)
  • Mock Examination (General Understanding paper only)
  • Classroom/ virtual training:

    Day 1: The first day of the virtual course covers an introduction to the scheme, what makes a sustainable community, the international, national, and local policy context for large-scale developments, when to use BREEAM Communities, bringing it to life, the Steps and Categories, Governance, the Bespoke process, and Transport & Movement.

    Day 2: Covers evidence requirements, Social & economic wellbeing, public realm & Microclimate, Resources & energy, Sustainable buildings, Land use & ecology, examination information and the BREEAM Quality Assurance process. In addition, there is a question and answer (Q&A) session.


    The course concludes with two online examinations, set at a day and time to be agreed between the learner and ProctorU, our online examination partner. Two examinations must be passed for learners to be classified as competent:

        • BREEAM General Understanding examination.
        • BREEAM UK NC Technical examination.

    Both exams use an ‘open book’ format, meaning you can use any documents related to the course to aid you.

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