The BREEAM In-Use International scheme is a holistic environmental assessment method, which focuses on assessing the sustainability of existing commercial and residential assets. It seeks to drive improvements in buildings’ operational performance, helping owners, managers and occupiers of existing assets to embrace sustainability.

The course familiarises you with the scheme in terms of technical content and application, equipping you with the skills and confidence to carry out BREEAM assessments on operational assets.

After completing the course learners will be able to

  • Understand the BREEAM process and the context for BREEAM In-Use.
  • Navigate and be confident in assessing the technical aspects of the BREEAM In-Use scheme.
  • Understand the assessment process and the support in place for the scheme and assessors.
  • Understand the certification process.
  • Successfully carry out BREEAM assessments on operational assets.

Successfully passing this course and examination enables you to apply for your assessor’s license under the BREEAM In-Use International scheme.

At a glance

30 hours
As a guide, learners should have 2+ years’ experience (within the past 5 years) in a relevant profession or equivalent

If you are looking to assess projects in the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Austria, or Switzerland, then you will need to train under the applicable national scheme. Please refer to the relevant National Scheme Operator for that country in order to understand the training requirements.

This course is designed for built environment professionals with experience in management and operation of commercial buildings, seeking to apply to become a BREEAM In-Use International assessor.

It is recommended that learners have 2 years+ experience (within the past 5 years) in one of the following professions or equivalent:

  • Building surveying.
  • Building engineering or regulatory (control) services.
  • Building or facilities management.
  • Product or manufacturing auditing.
  • Certification experience in the built environment.
  • Environmental/energy services.

This course comprises of approximately 30 hours of own pace online training material introducing you to the BREEAM In-Use International scheme.
Online course material:

  • Welcome to the BREEAM In-Use Assessor training programme
  • Resources- BREEAM technical manuals
  • BREEAM foundations
  • BIU V6 section 1: resources
  • BIU V6 section 2: surroundings
  • BIU V6 section 3: people
  • BREEAM Assessment and Quality Assurance
  • Mock examination
  • Online examination
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