Getting the right answers from BREEAM technical support means knowing the right questions to ask. This module is a guide on the best approach to submitting technical queries. This training for all BREEAM Professionals expands upon BREEAM Knowledge Base article KBCN1555.

After completing the course learners will be able to

Know the different types of common technical queries, and their information requirements. · Know which query types can be answered, and which cause a conflict of interest. · Understand the approach of BREEAM technical support in answering technical queries. · Get the best out of the BREEAM technical support service.

At a glance

1 hour

This module is aimed at BREEAM Assessors and Advisory Professionals, however it is also suitable for Clients, and anyone who may need to submit technical queries to BREEAM technical support.

This module covers:

  • General principles for submitting technical queries.
  • Common types of queries, and the minimum information required to submit them.
  • Queries we can and cannot answer.
  • Getting the most out of LiveChat.
  • Dealing with multiple queries.
  • Technical query process workflow.

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