Book Description

There are some 22.4 million homes in England, housing 52 million people. They range from the smallest studio flat to the largest palace, and vary in age from medieval castles built of local stone to new homes designed to the most exacting sustainability standards. Numerous books have been written on English housing – particularly those buildings of architectural interest. This guide is unique in that it provides detailed information on typical designs and features of houses built at different periods, using statistics from the 2010 English Housing Survey. Experienced surveyors and housing professionals will have developed an intuitive feel for when a house was constructed and the date of any modifications which have been undertaken – particularly in their own local area, where they are familiar with local materials and designs. As such, this book is intended for less experienced professionals, students of housing, or individuals with a personal interest, to be taken onto the streets and used as a reference book.


1 Age and type
2 Size, tenure, construction type, condition and location
3 Construction materials, street patterns, plot sizes and local history
4 Illustrated guide to the different periods in housing
5 References and further reading
Appendix: Age of building elements
Glossary of building terms

246 x 189 mm, 31 drawings, 553 photos