Construction currently contributes £92 billion a year to the UK economic output, with almost three million people working in the sector. It is an industry facing constant changes in situation, regulation and technology advances. Change is hard – and as an industry we need to embrace it and handle it well.

People often work as part of project groups or consortia, with different collaboration standards and tools in each. Yet familiar commercial and contractual structures may not encourage team working or collaboration. Perceptions prevail that collaboration is likely to be more costly, time consuming and resource hungry, if not properly executed.

A need for better training and management in the construction industry is constantly being highlighted. Yet it has been noted that there is currently a lack of adequate training in the potential benefits of collaborative working techniques and the ingredients required. This is particularly notable when organisations adopt BIM or BREEAM, which change the way people work. Very few professional bodies or academic institutions seem truly prepared to advocate and promote new approaches.


BRE Academy steps up

To address these needs, BRE Academy has introduced bespoke leadership and management training.

BRE is renowned for leadership in the built environment and sustainability. BRE Academy has taken the lessons learned to produce management and leadership that is not only at the cutting edge of academia, but has also been tried and tested with several high profile corporations in the built environment sector.

Every organisation is individual. Therefore managerial and leadership training needs to be customised. The Academy has original core content and a variety of delivery methods, but every programme is tailored to truly suit your organisational needs.

In line with current trends and scientific thinking rather than just the latest buzz, the Academy has teamed with leadership development specialists to create a range of learning experiences for our customers, delivered by qualified individuals with subject expertise.

The program is led by Roger Woodgate, a BRE Director with over 35 years of experience in the field of leadership and management training. He designs (and often delivers) development programmes worldwide, and consults with many companies who are either going through change or needing to re-shape organisational culture.

He has designed learning solutions for companies in the US, Europe and Far East and works in a range of sectors, including banking, transport, manufacturing as well as the public sector – which enables him to transfer lessons across the sectors, whilst the expertise at BRE ensure that the training is truly tailored to meet the needs of each sector.

In true BRE Academy style, training formats are flexible and deliver really practical, career enhancing tools and skills – internationally.

Management and Leadership Development

BRE Academy’s range of bespoke training can be developed for both current senior leaders, and to potential new and/or aspiring talent in the shape of a tailored Future Leaders programme.

A team of experts is on hand to help implement and deliver, or simply help design programs that work.

Organisational Development

BRE Academy can support organisations worldwide with consultancy to help improve performance and change culture. At a departmental or divisional level, consultancy can be offered to those wanting to improve the way they work with other departments and organisations, both internal and external.

Team Facilitation Service

To support teams and teamwork, BRE Academy offers tailored events including, where requested, outdoor based team builds; team strategy days; team alignment and goal setting sessions.

Support Activities

BRE Academy offers a range of services to support talent development at all levels, including:

Upskill: Individual Performance and Effectiveness

A range of performance enhancing courses can be offered in specific areas, including:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Negotiating skills
  • Influencing without authority
  • Being the best you can/personal impact
  • Presentation skills
  • Conversation management (NLP)
  • Collaboration, partnering and networking
  • The science of mindfulness


Mentoring is invaluable for reaching career goals and objectives. The relationship does not replace training or management, but rather creates a space to create greater clarity on career choices, career goals and problem solving from a different perspective. (BRE Academy’s mentors are accredited to offer Coaching & Mentoring qualifications at Level 5 & 7.)

Psychometric Testing

BRE Academy offers a range of proven testing methods including:

  • Social styles
  • Insights colour wheel
  • Belbin team roles
  • Hogan
  • Hibs
  • Behavioural change

As the courses are bespoke, pricing varies according to project, numbers involved etc. View our full range of Leadership and Management courses here.

Further Information

For further information, or to discuss your needs, please contact us