This 4-hour online SmartWaste training course will teach delegates how to use the full functionality of the BRE SmartWaste tool with a particular focus on account management, recording environmental site data and project reporting. It is a very practical course covering all modules in the SmartWaste tool and will be led by a highly experienced trainer who has a thorough knowledge of the SmartWaste tool and its real-world application. The session will provide ample time for online discussion and questions about the implementation of the tool for your organisation. This course is particularly suited to companies looking to train one or two members of their team on the set-up and use of SmartWaste.

Use of SmartWaste is only available via our SmartWaste membership scheme. However, membership is not required to complete this course.

For more information about the SmartWaste tool and how to become a member please call the team on 01923 664471 or email [email protected]

Please use the form to register your interest in SmartWaste training course.

Course Agenda

  • 15 mins             Introduction to SmartWaste environmental reporting tool
  • 20 mins             Workshop 1: Managing waste contractor/subcontractor/user records
  • 10 mins             Workshop 2: Adding projects and assigning waste contractors/subcontractors/users
  • 20 mins             Workshop 3: Preparing your Site Waste Management Plan
  • 15 mins             Break
  • 45 mins             Workshop 4: Adding waste data (online / bulk upload spreadsheet)
  • 15 mins             Workshop 5: Adding energy and water meter readings
  • 15 mins             Workshop 6: Managing material supplier records / adding materials data
  • 10 mins             Workshop 7: Adding Considerate Constructors Scheme data
  • 15 mins             Break
  • 20 mins             Workshop 8: Adding transport data
  • 15 mins             Workshop 9: Adding biodiversity & ecology data
  • 25 mins             SmartWaste Reporting & KPIs/targets