The overall aim of this Good Building Guide is to give practical advice and guidance on the successful installation of radon-protective measures in new large buildings (eg workplaces). It should be read in conjunction with BRE Report BR 211, Radon: guidance on protective measures for new buildings. This Good Building Guide replaces the guidance published in 2009. Two companion Good Building Guides cover radon-protective measures for new domestic extensions and conservatories and new dwellings.


What is radon and why consider it for new large buildings?
Requirements for radon protection and radon reduction
-Building regulations-Ionising Radiations Regulations
-Radon reference levels
Protective measures
Basic radon protection
-In situ (ground-supported) concrete floor
-Suspended (beam-and-block) concrete floor
Full radon protection
-In situ (ground-supported) concrete floor
-Suspended (beam-and-block) concrete floor
-Landfill gas and brownfield sites
Radon barriers
-Raised-access floors
High water table and tanking to basements and cellars
Subfloor ventilation
Subfloor depressurisation and sumps
-How sumps work
-Numbers of sumps
-Sump and pipework construction
Monitoring completed buildings
Further reading


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