You will learn how to keep ahead when direction changes and take your team with you, the dynamics of why some people resist change and how to turn them around. This workshop is about getting you ahead of change; not waiting for change to be foisted upon you. It will help you recognise your own personal struggles with change and how to keep positive even when you feel unsure.

This workshop will enable you to

  • Learn how to manage a situation with unclear goals or ambiguous directives
  • Know the triggers that will help get buy in to change
  • Identify, position and articulate the benefits and rewards of change
  • Know how to position adaptable people in key hot spots to ensure change is embedded
  • Manage ambiguity and the tensions that ambiguous situations can surface in people
  • Fully understand the unavoidable human response to change and the potential emotions it will generate
  • Manage negative feelings and emotions in yourself and in those you lead
  • Feel more in control when under emotional pressure or personal attack


  • Practical strategies and tactics for managing teams through constant change
  • Tools for keeping people motivated without the traditional levers of future tangible rewards
  • How to work within your spheres of influence
  • How to motivate and engage direct reports when the future is not always clear
  • Learn the principles of change leadership from the exploits of Shackleton
  • The power of optimism in helping you keep a positive frame of mind when leading others through change

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the workshop you will be:

  • Clear about how to present, communicate and manage change in a positive and optimistic way
  • Confident in making decisions quickly when you don’t have all the data
  • Aware of the emotional states that direct reports go through when faced with uncertainty and ambiguity, plus how to support and lead them through change
  • Competent in being able to change direction mid-stream and keep your team engaged
  • Understand the difference between change and transition and your role in the communications chain
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