Five million of our current homes are in areas vulnerable to flooding, and there is pressure to build many more homes, with flood plains often looking like an easy option. Recent years have seen substantial flooding across the UK with homes damaged, families displaced and a cost of millions to the insurance companies to reinstate these homes.

The current practice of reinstating a home to its previous condition, gives little confidence to the home owner or tenant, if the flood reoccurs and the whole process starts again. Unless major community flood defences are built through the Environment Agency, many homeowners, especially in rural locations, have a need to know how to protect their property.

The BRE Centre for Resilience was established to address how to make our built environment more resilient to the challenges of extreme weather events, climate change, and increasing population amongst other factors. Flooding has been the first main focus of the Centre.
To try and address the issue, BRE teamed up with a number of key stakeholders including AXA Insurance to build a demonstrator of what a flood resilient home would look like at the BRE Innovation Park in Watford. It was also important not to just build a showroom, but a unit that could be heavily flooded, to see how well the material chosen was able to perform.

This webinar will describe the challenges and reveal the solutions of the Flood Resistant Demonstration House and provide an insight of the learning that will inform future refurbishment and building practices.

  • Learn about the challenges posed by flooding and the techniques that were used in the Flood Resilient Demonstration House at the BRE Innovation Park, Watford
  • One hour CPD


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