Course Description

Analysis from the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment indicates that the built environment will be increasingly affected by extreme weather events, and that incidence and severity of flooding will increase with higher temperatures, faster winds and changing rainfall patterns.

In support of the DEFRA published Property Flood Resilience Action Plan aimed at increasing the uptake of resilience measures, BRE Academy has partnered with BRE’s Centre for Resilience to create a training course which addresses the fundamentals of flood resilience surveying – including assessing flood risk and the specification of mitigation solutions.

The role of the surveyor is key in the resilience process, and this course will enable the surveyor to:

  • Assess the flood risk to the property; including the type(s) of flood risk involved, the likely maximum depth, the duration and extent of flood risk.
  • Survey the flood affected property, or property considered to be at risk from flooding; and prepare a report that details measures considered to be most effective to increase the property resilience for future flooding events.
  • Upload relevant information to the Property Flood Resilience Database; and log actions taken to increase resilience.

The course will support the implementation and recognition of standards, certifications and skills to provide reassurance that property flood resilience has been approached in the correct manner and to a high standard.


  • An introduction to flood resilience
  • Surveying methodology
  • Building elements
  • Ageing properties, elements and amenities
  • Non-traditional and modern methods of construction
  • External fabric: how to identify flood water entry points
  • Internal fabric and services: flood water entry and damage
  • Community resilience
  • Insurance
  • Building construction and material
  • Flood assessment – drivers, legislation and process
  • Flood assessment – sources, hazards and reporting
  • Resistance measures
  • Resilience measures
  • Community measures
  • Use of the property flood resilience database
  • Report writing