A valuable reference library of BRE Digests, Information Papers, and Good Building and Repair Guides on fire risk, protection and detection.

This pack is one of a series of compilations of BRE background documents and current guidance and advice on the built environment, each offering exceptional value for construction professionals.


Fire risk

Fire risk from combustible cavity insulation DG 294 (1985)
Fire risk in high-rise and super high-rise buildings: prevention and mitigation DG 533 (2014)
Lessons learned from real fires DG 515 (2010)
Managing fire risk in commercial buildings: a guide for facilities managers IP 11/14 (2014)
Risks of dust fires and explosions: a review of European test methods IP 14/08 (2008)
Self-heating and spontaneous combustion IP 11/08 (2008)

Protection from fire

Fire doors DG 524 (2012)
Fixed gas extinguishing systems for fire protection DG 513 (2009)
Installing fire-resisting ductwork and dampers GG 81 (2011)
Residential sprinklers for fire protection:
Part 1 – Introduction DG 519-1 (2012)
Part 2 – Installation DG 519-2 (2012)
Sprinkler systems for fire protection of commercial and industrial buildings DG 518 (2010)
Watermist systems for fire protection in domestic and residential buildings DG 534 (2014)

Fire detection

Domestic smoke alarms DG 525 (2012)
New requirements for fire detection and alarm network systems IP 12/13 (2013)
Smoke detection in high ceiling spaces:
Part 1 – Introduction, literature reviews and modelling IP 15/12-1 (2012)
Part 2 – Fire tests and conclusions IP 15/12-2 (2012)
Visual alarm devices for fire IP 1/13 (2013)
Wireless fire detection systems and European regulations IP 6/08 (2008)


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