Course Description

The three duty holders within Construction Design Management (CDM) – the Client, the Principal Designer and the Principal Contractor – now have a higher level of responsibility with the updated regulation.

Make sure you are aware of what this will mean for you and your team with our course about the key changes, and how to create a safer and healthier workplace for employees, clients and visitors.

This recorded webinar will help listeners:

  1. Understand the background to these new regulations
  2. Learn the objectives of CDM 2015
  3. Gain information and practical knowledge of the changes required for the industry from the HSE
  4. Learn more about the attitude and culture change which will be necessary to enable these regulations to take place

This extensively detailed online presentation takes you through the whole CDM process. Please be aware, this presentation contains all of the essential information in interactive text format and does not include audio.

Intended audience

  • Project Managers
  • Health and Safety practitioners
  • Site Managers
  • Small Builders
  • Designers
  • Large contractors
  • Construction and design professionals