An update on the proposed changes to BREEAM’s Sustainability Champion role

In 2014 the role of Sustainability Champion was introduced into the UK building level schemes as part of BREEAM’s ongoing drive to encourage greater sustainability in the built environment and to support achievement of the maximum benefits from the BREEAM process on the projects that they are engaged in. Its purpose was to ensure that design teams, specifiers and other key stakeholders were able to call on and be guided by ‘scheme related’ expertise as a part of the decision-making process for the project, and therefore maximise a building’s performance and achieve the target certified rating in the most cost-effective, solutions-orientated way.

We have assessed the competency requirements for this role with a view to enhancing and clarifying the benefits achieved as a result of their involvement.

As part of the first stage of this work BRE Global ran a consultation in 2015 seeking feedback on experiences of the current AP role, as well as views on the proposed AP competency requirements as set out at that stage.
This webinar will provide an update on the proposed changes to BREEAM’s Sustainability Champion role.
• It will give an overview of the review and why it was undertaken
• Who was involved in the process
• What the outcomes led to and what it means for the role and those in it.

It will also include a brief overview of consultation feedback on the proposals received to date and how this has influenced the outputs of the review.

The key changes will be summarised including the name change now agreed and an indication of implementation / transition timescales will also be given.


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