What is the BRE Academy Membership Programme?

The BRE Academy has a membership programme to encourage lifelong learning and to represent the diverse audience within the built environment. It aims to keep individuals up to date with developments and innovation in the construction industry and the wider built environment.

Membership offers a place where like minded professionals can interact, learn from each other and from the experts at BRE, network for opportunities, and continue to learn and develop within their chosen field.

Membership Options

A variety of routes within the BRE Academy membership have been developed to accommodate a wide range of individuals at different stages of their learning journey and the specific disciplines that they work in.

Membership levels are currently broken down into:

BRE Academy Fellow Logo
BRE Academy Member Logo BIM
BRE Academy Member Logo Energy
BRE Academy Member Logo Fire
BRE Academy Member Logo Sustainability
BRE Academy Member Logo BREEM
BRE Academy Graduate Logo
For further information, or to discuss your needs, please contact:  Virginia Cinquemani, Head of Strategic Partnerships, BRE Academy

Virginia Cinquemani

Call: +44 (0) 333 321 88 11

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