BRE Academy Membership

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What is the BRE Academy Membership Programme?

The BRE Academy has a membership programme to encourage lifelong learning and to represent the diverse audience within the built environment. It aims to keep individuals up to date with developments and innovation in the construction industry and the wider built environment.

Membership offers a place where like-minded professionals can interact, learn from each other and from the experts at BRE, network for opportunities, and continue to learn and develop within their chosen field.

Membership Benefits

Our membership benefits are there to help you develop your career in your chosen field, and build up valuable knowledge and connections through the scheme. By becoming a member, you will benefit from the following:

Free access to all webinars

Members have free access to all BRE Academy webinars.

Discount on future courses

Members are entitled to 20% discount on future online and classroom BRE Academy courses purchased after becoming a member.

Discount on BRE publications

We currently offer 20% discount on BRE publications purchased through our Bookshop. This discount applies to PDF versions only.  Printed versions of many of our publications are available at the full rate.

Manage your CDP online through the BRE Academy CPD portal

The CPD (Continuing Professional Development) portal is your ‘go-to’ area, where important information will be posted, and your CPD can be added.

View our Construction Professional Membership Programs.

For further information about becoming a BRE Academy member, please email or call us on +44 (0)333 321 8811